To change lives of the needy and the underprivileged. We work to achieve this through organized donations to deprived communities, orphans, the aged, establishment of scholarship schemes in various educational sectors



kasagye charity

Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven. Adu Tutu Agyemang who happens to be the brain child, found it necessary to bring up a charity foundation that can help eradicate poverty within our societies. He being so passionate about helping others had this plan in mind in the year 2017 but due to certain circumstances, he couldn’t initiate this project.

The person who inspired and motivated him to bring up this charity foundation to help eradicate poverty and also help the needy was his dad, Pastor Kwame Sarfo-Agyemang may his soul rest in perfect peace. He was self-motivated to help the needy at his own expense. He never sought for earthly reward in his quest to help the less privileged. He usually tells his children, ‘’is better you give to others, for you will be rewarded in heaven’’ and Adu Tutu believed in that. Adu therefore purposed to accomplish his father’s wish and joy.

When it was time to name the foundation. So many names came in mind, but the one that sounded pleasing and also unique from any other name was ‘KASAGYE & P. FOUNDATION’. Kasagye & P. Foundation happens to be a combination of two separate names. Kasagye is his dad’s name and the letter P. also stands for Plutka, a mother so dear to his heart. In fact, she is part of the foundation and has helped him a lot with bringing up this charity foundation.

Kasagye & P. Foundation is a charitable organization that seek to promote the wellbeing and the success of the under privileged, talented and brilliant children in Ghana. Kasagye & P. Foundation is also there to improve on the lives of those in need and the under privileged in terms of food, shelter and any other means. There are many talented and brilliant children who have got all that it takes to make Ghana and the world a better place but due to the lack of financial support or social assistance all these brilliant and talented children are hidden away from the light.

“I believe in helping others, I would not be who I am today if I had not gotten someone to help and support me spiritually and financially, I am so grateful to my parents, Mr and Mrs Sarfo Agyemang, my brothers and sisters and my dear mom Ursula Plutka and to all my loved ones”. God bless Ghana, God bless K & P, Foundation, God bless us all.


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