Mr. Adu Tutu Agyemang (GHANA)

Adu Tutu Agyemang is my name, born on March 21st 1998, I am a student pursuing BSc. Community Mental Health from college of health. I am single and currently living in Ghana. I speak English, Twi and a little German. I’m the founder of the Kasagye & P. foundation.
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Mrs. Mary Sarfo Agyemang (GHANA)

I am Mary Sarfo-Agyemang and I hail from Duase in the Ashanti Region. I have six children. The game I like best is oware. I also like singing a lot. At my leisure time, I like to read my bible. I currently stay at Fawoade. I am the president of Kasagye & P. foundation.
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Miss Ursula Plutka (GERMANY)

I am Ursula Plutka, born on the 18th of June, 1954 at Hildesheim. I am a retired hair stylist by profession. I’m currently staying in Germany. I speak German and a little English. I like watching news on TV and also listening to music. I’m the vice president and an advisor of Kasagye & P. foundation.
den sc-min

Mr. Daniel Yamoah Agyemang (HONG KONG)

Being born on the 1st of May, Daniel Yamoah Agyemang is the third of six children to the Sarfo-Agyemang family. Currently, a doctorate student in the field of construction and real estate management, I have always positioned myself to offer assistance to anyone who needs it. I love watching movies, reading educative and informative articles, going on sightseeing and playing games. I am the general secretary of Kasagye & P. foundation. Thank you.
kasagye charity assis f.o-min

Miss Nancy Asantewaa Agyemang (GHANA)

I am Nancy Asantewaa Agyemang and I was born on 6th October, 1999. I am a student pursing midwifery at Atibie nursing and midwifery school at Kwahu. I speak English and Twi. I also like singing a lot. I’m the assistant general secretary of the Kasagye & P. foundation

Mr. Amos Sarfo Agyemang (USA)

I am Amos Sarfo-Agyemang, born on January 14, 1988. I have a Masters of philosophy degree in Economics from the University of Ghana and a Masters of Financial Economics degree from the Ohio University, USA. I am married to Clementina and currently an Accountant at L Brands USA. I’m the financial secretary of Kasagye & P
kasagye charity assis fo-min

Mrs. Naomi Sarfo Agyemang (GHANA)

I am Naomi Sarfo Agyemang, born on September 29th, 1989. I am a midwife at Abetifi Health Center in the Eastern Region. I am a mother of two boys namely Kenneth Djane and Deon Djane. I like singing and dancing. I am the Assistant financial secretary of the Kasagye & P. foundation.
kasagye charity trea-min

Mrs. Clementina Sarfo Agyemang (USA)

I am Clementina Sarfo-Agyemang (aka Clementina Gyamfi). Wamenafo in the Bono Region of Ghana is my hometown and currently reside in Columbus, Ohio-USA. I am married to Mr. Amos Sarfo-Agyemang and a Licensed Practical Nurse in the States of Ohio. I am the Treasurer of Kasagye & P. foundation.
kasagye charity assis treasurer-min

Miss Wendy Bemah Agyemang (GHANA)

I am in the person of Wendy Bemah Agyemang. I was born on the date 9th September 2003. I hail from Duase in the Ashanti Region. I am currently a student. I like watching videos from YouTube and also like listening to music. I am so passionate about helping people and this made me to join the Kasagye & P. foundation of which am the Assistant Treasurer

Mr. Ebenezer Gyane (GHANA)

I am Ebenezer Gyane born on the 4th of July, 1993. I come from Kwahu Tafo and I currently reside at Amasaman in the Greater Accra Region. I speak English and Twi. I am a prophet by calling and am at Christ Apostolic Church Fise Accra. My email address is ebenezergyane84@gmail.com. I am the chaplain of Kasagye & P. foundation
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Miss Akosua Birago (GHANA)

I am in the person of Akosua Birago, born on 15th March, 1998. I currently reside at Atonsu in the Ashanti Region. I am a student pursuing BSc. Physician Assistant. I like reading educative books and also like watching television. I’m the event planner of Kasagye & P. foundation.

Mr. Eric Nii Koi Djane (GHANA)

I am Eric Djane, born on the 2nd of May, 1979. I am from Teshie in the Greater Accra Region. And I currently stay at Abetifi in the Eastern Region. I am married to Naomi Sarfo Agyemang. I am a teacher by profession and a pastor by calling. I have two kids. I’m the Public Relations Officer of Kasagye & P. foundation
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